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CHA/Y/EP 1352÷4402

Aircooled 4-Pipe multifunctional units with EC Inverter axial fans, Inverter Screw compressors and shell and tube exchangers

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ENERGYPOWER is the range of high efficiency multifunctional units for 4-Pipe systems.
The units CHA/Y/EP 1352÷4402, with R134a refrigerant, are provided with latest generation of Inverter Screw compressors and EC Inverter axial fans, to reach high EER/COP/TER and SEER/SCOP energy values. Thanks to the advanced control system, the units can simultaneously fulfill the heating, cooling and domestic hot water request of the building. The unit can manage the opposed thermal loads at the same time and reach the highest possible efficiency. ENERGYPOWER units make the traditional layout of the technical plants easier because the production of thermal energy for the several users are joint in one unit only; the result is an advantage in terms of installation, maintenance and management and in the meantime of the comfort needs.
Are available as option the new EC Inverter fans with high available static pressure and efficiency.
The units are compliant to the ErP Regulation.
On request, units can be supplied with R513A refrigerant.


  • CHA/Y/EP - Multifunctional unit
  • CHA/Y/EP/SSL - Super silenced multifunctional unit

Power range

  • 278-1133 kW
  • 79.0-322 Ton


  • Structure with supporting frame, made of galvanised sheet metal with additional protection provided by polyester powder coating.
  • Screw Inverter compressors with built-in oil separator, suction filter, crankcase heater, oil sight glass and thermal protection.
  • EC Inverter axial fans directly coupled to an Inverter three-phase electric motor with external rotor. They attenuate the sound level of the unit using a continuous regulation of fans rotation speed and allow the cooling operation of the unit up to outside air temperatures of -20 °C.
  • Copper tube and aluminum finned coils.
  • Shell and tube condenser, with two independent circuits on the refrigerant side and one on the water side, complete with water differential pressure switch.
  • Shell and tube evaporator with two independent circuits on the refrigerant side and one on the water side, complete with water differential pressure switch.
  • Cooling circuit shut-off valves on discharge and liquid line.
  • Electronic expansion valve.
  • Electronic high and low pressure gauges.
  • R134a refrigerant. On request R513A refrigerant.
  • Electrical board includes: main switch with door safety interlock, fuses, thermal protection relays for compressors and thermocontacts for fans.
  • Microprocessor control and regulation system.

Factory fitted accessories

  • IM Automatic circuit breakers
  • PFC1 Power factor correction condensers (cosφ 0,95)
  • SL Unit silencement
  • DSV Double relief safety valve with changeover switch on the high pressure side for each refrigerant circuit
  • DSVHL Double relief safety valve with changeover switch on the high and on the low pressure side of each refrigerant circuit
  • BT Low water temperature kit
  • ECH EC Inverter fans with high available static pressure
  • TX Coil with pre-coated fins
  • PUC Single circulating pump cooling side
  • PUIC Inverter single circulating pump cooling side
  • PDC Double circulating pump cooling side
  • PDIC Inverter double circulating pump cooling side
  • GS Single circulating pump gasket for glycol >30%
  • GD Double circulating pump gaskets for glycol >30%
  • FI Antifreeze heater for evaporator and condenser
  • FNC Antifreeze heater for pipes cooling side
  • FGC Antifreeze heater for single pump and pipes cooling side
  • FMC Antifreeze heater for double pump and pipes cooling side
  • FNH Antifreeze heater for pipes heating side
  • TS Touch Screen Interface
  • IS Modbus RTU protocol, RS485 serial interface
  • IST Modbus TCP/IP protocol, Ethernet port
  • ISB BACnet MSTP protocol, RS485 serial interface
  • ISBT BACnet IP protocol, Ethernet port
  • ISS SNMP protocol, Ethernet port
  • IAV Remote set-point, 0-10V signal
  • IAA Remote set-point, 4-20mA signal
  • IAS Remote signal for second set-point activation
  • IDL Demand limit from digital input
  • CP Potential free contacts
  • GDS Leak detector
  • MN High and low pressure gauges

Loose accessories

  • CR Remote control panel
  • RP Coils protection metallic guards
  • AG Rubber shock absorbers
  • AM Spring shock absorbers
  • FL Flow switch
Cooling onlyCooling capacity (1)kW2783123664234845646768229781133
Absorbed power (1)kW8899115132152176208256313363
EER (1)3,153,153,193,213,193,213,243,213,133,12
Cooling only (EN14511)Cooling capacity (1)kW2773113654224835636758219771132
Absorbed power (1)kW89101117134154178211259317368
EER (1)3,113,103,133,163,153,173,203,173,083,07
SEER (2)4,734,734,734,754,744,754,784,754,724,72
Energy Efficiency (2)%186186186187187187188187186186
Heating onlyHeating capacity (3)kW2833203754314905726728389901156
Absorbed power (3)kW8590106121138158188229269311
COP (3)3,323,553,543,573,563,633,573,663,683,72
Heating only (EN14511)Heating capacity (3)kW2833213764324915736738399911157
Absorbed power (3)kW8691107122139159190231271313
COP (3)3,303,523,523,543,543,603,553,643,663,70
SCOP (4)3,523,783,763,763,754,124,064,144,354,46
Energy Efficiency (4)%138148148147147162159162171176
Cooling + HeatingCooling capacity (5)kW2763183704294925756868349961181
Heating capacity (5)kW359405469544622727865105412611495
Absorbed power (5)kW838799115130152179220265314
TER (5)7,658,318,478,468,578,578,668,588,528,52
Cooling + Heating (EN14511)Cooling capacity (5)kW2753173694284915746858339951180
Heating capacity (5)kW359405469544622727865105412611495
Absorbed power (5)kW8488101117132154182223269320
TER (5)7,558,178,328,328,438,438,538,458,388,36
Refrigerant circuits2222222222
Capacity stepsSteplessSteplessSteplessSteplessSteplessSteplessSteplessSteplessSteplessStepless
Evaporator - cooling sideWater flowl/s13,2514,8717,4420,1623,0726,8832,2239,1846,6154,00
Pressure dropskPa33405148484648475264
Water connectionsDN100100125125125150150150150200
Condenser - heating sideWater flowl/s13,6915,4818,1420,8623,7127,6832,5240,5547,9155,94
Pressure dropskPa21232018172018202020
Water connectionsDN100100125125125150150150150200
Electrical characteristicsPower supplyV/Ph/Hz400/3/50400/3/50400/3/50400/3/50400/3/50400/3/50400/3/50400/3/50400/3/50400/3/50
Max. running currentA237237269301309393445580664720
Max. starting currentA152164193210238270319402462516
Unit with pumpPump available static pressurekPa186161182150175165143171136156
Water connectionsDN100100125125125150150150150200
Sound pressureSTD version (6)dB(A)77777778787879808081
With SL accessory (6)dB(A)73737475747576767677
SSL version (6)dB(A)67676869697070727272
Weight STD versionsTransport weightkg443045755160581763377345864598351023510905
Operating weightkg4630478055806290679079109360106201114012170




  • 1 Chilled water from 12 to 7 °C, ambient air temperature 35 °C.
  • 2 Seasonal energy efficiency of cooling at low temperature. According to EU Regulation n. 2016/2281.
  • 3 Heated water from 40 to 45 °C, ambient air temperature 7 °C d.b./6 °C w.b.
  • 4 Seasonal energy efficiency of heating at low temperature with average climatic conditions. According to EU Regulation n. 813/2013.
  • 5 Chilled water from 12 to 7 °C, heated water from 40 to 45 °C.
  • 6 Sound pressure level measured in free field conditions at 1 m from the unit. According to ISO 3744.
  • N.B. (1) Weights of SSL version are specified on technical brochure.