MR 1500÷2500

Remote Hydronic Modules with pump kit


The Remote Hydronic Modules with pump kit of the MR 1500÷2500 series are designed to solve technical problems resulting from thermal inertia in air conditioning systems for both residential and industrial use.
Installing a tank for cooled water allows units to reduce the operating cycles of the compressors, thus extending the useful life of the machines. It also results in a greater capacity of the system itself, a remarkable operational saving and a greater flexibility, being able to work with temperatures other than the design temperatures. The tanks are available with a capacity of 1500 and 2500 litres, with circulating pump or double circulating pump accessory and are complete with all the components necessary for a quick on-site installation.


  • MR 1500 - With 1500 lt. tank
  • MR 2500 - With 2500 lt. tank


  • Self-supporting galvanized steel frame further protected with polyester powder painting. Easy to remove panels allow access to the inside of the unit for maintenance and other necessary operations.
  • Electrical board. Present only with the accessories circulating pump, it includes main switch with door safety interlock; automatic switches for protection of circulating pumps, of secondary circuit and of antifreeeze heaters, signalling lamps, interface relay and clamps for external connections.
  • Water circuit includes: insulated inertial tank, safety valve, automatic air release valves, expansion vessel, gauge, automatic filling group, plant charge and discharge water shut-off valve.