DXDXT-M/K 85÷660

DXDXT-M/K 85÷660

Ducted Blower Split Systems.

High ambient temperature (up to 52°C).

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The ducted blower Split Systems of DXDXT-M/K series are the ideal solution for keeping the best comfort level in large-sized spaces as offices, shops, hotels or education facilities.
The range comprises 12 models from 85.000 BTU/h to 660.000 BTU/h and the systems are composed of one indoor unit connected to up to four outdoor units, depending on the cooling capacity required.
The systems operate with R410A refrigerant and feature Scroll compressor.
The units are designed for installation both in service rooms or built-in; the air ducts, totally hidden on the ceiling or on walls, provide the perfect comfort without compromising on the building architecture and design. Models over 140.000 BTU/h feature both horizontal and vertical air outlet, which can be chosen directly onsite, to allow the highest flexibility in installation.
The ducts ensure an even distribution of conditioned air to every corner of the room. Even multiple areas can be conditioned simultaneously just with one indoor unit.
The DXDXT-M/K models ensure the perfect functioning even on regions with high temperature, being able to work up to 52°C external air temperature.


  • DXDXT-M/K - Cooling only
  • DXDXT-M/K/WP - Reversible Heat Pump


  • Indoor and Outdoor units are made of galvanized steel sheet with electrostatic powder paint. Indoor units are complete with polyethylene for thermal and acoustical purpose.
  • Scroll compressors with oil sight glass, with internal overheat protection and crankcase heater.
  • Indoor units are provided with radial fans, directly coupled with single-phase 3-speed electric motor (to build models' sizes 85 – 110) or to 3-phase motors by V belt and variable pulley (to build models' sizes 140 – 660). Outdoor units are provided axial fans directly coupled to electric motor.
  • Indoor units to build models' sizes 85 - 165 come with standard horizontal air discharge; indoor units to build models' sizes 140 - 165 are convertible to vertical air discharge on site. Indoor units to build models' sizes 220 - 660 come with standard vertical air discharge and they are convertible to horizontal air discharge on site.
  • Indoor and Outdoor units are provided with copper tube and aluminum finned coils precharged with nitrogen.
  • All Indoor units are provided with return air plenum and standard cleanable filter.
  • Microprocessor for the automatic control of the unit allowing continuous display of the operational status, control the set and real air temperature and, in case of partial or total unit stop, indication of security device that intervened through a wired wall pad as standard.
  • Units matching with two or more outdoor units are provided with a sequential controller allowing part loading of the system capacity.
  • Wired wall pad included on indoor unit.