UTW 63÷544

Ductable Fan Coil units with 3-Speed or EC Inverter radial fans

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These modular Fan Coil units are the ideal solution to meet the air treatment needs of systems including distribution through ducting or directly into the room and installation in false ceilings or in service rooms.
Part of an hydronic system equipped with a liquid Chiller, the modular ductable Fan Coil unit generates cool air silently and with instantaneous reaction. During the winter, if combined with a boiler or heat pump, it provides warm air, making it possible to meet home or business heating needs. A filter, which absorbs and retains dust in suspension, allows to keep the air quality at a suitable level and its easy removal enables continuous cleaning cycles to be carried out, which are particularly important in order to guarantee suitable hygiene standards in highly frequented rooms.
This product range, available for 2-Pipe and 4-Pipe systems, is complete with various
accessories such as: outdoor air intake plenum, mixing section with dampers room
delivery plenum for flexible ducts and electrical heating section. Units are available both
with 3-Speed and EC Inverter fans.The units equipped with EC Inverter motor are able to
modulate the air flow ensuring a perfect adaptability to the load without any temperature
fluctuations, achieving superior performance compared to the traditional solutions even
from energy consumption point of view.


  • UTW - Base unit
  • UTW/EC - Unit with EC Inverter fans

Power range

  • 4.6-43.0 kW
  • 1.3-12.0 Ton


  • Structure in galvanized sheet (63÷274) or in prepainted metal sheet (333÷544), entirely lined with heat/sound insulation material.
  • Radial type fan with double intake, statically and dynamically balanced to reduce vibration and noise to a minimum, directly coupled on single-phase 3-Speed electric motor (63÷274) or with belt and pulley transmission, connected to 3-phase single speed electric motor (333÷544).
  • Radial type fan with double intake and EC INVERTER fan type (63÷274).
  • Heat exchanger in copper pipes and aluminium fins, complete with air vent and drain pan.
  • Air filter made of recyclable synthetic material class EU3; inspection is foreseen from the bottom part (63÷274) or side part (333÷544).
  • Air bleed valves, positioned on the water connections of the coil, make it possible to bleed air from the coil.
  • Electrical board comprising a terminal board for wiring to room control panel and power supply.