FIW/AP 23÷74

Fan Coil units for built-in installation with high available static pressure and 3-Speed or EC Inverter radial fans

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These hydronic Fan Coil units, with high available static pressure fan, are designed for built-in and ducted installation: vertical floor-mounted or horizontal ceiling-mounted in domestic environments or service sector including offices, hotels, restaurants, gyms and shops.
Part of an hydronic system equipped with a liquid Chiller, it generates cool air silently and with instantaneous reaction. During the winter, if combined with a boiler or heat pump, it provides warm air, making it possible to meet home or business heating needs.
A filter, which absorbs and retains dust in suspension, allows to keep the air quality at a
suitable level and its easy removal enables continuous cleaning cycles to be carried out,
which are particularly important in order to guarantee suitable hygiene standards in highly
frequented rooms. All installation needs are considered in the many standard features of the unit. It can be installed horizontally or vertically, with front, bottom or rear intake. There is also a series of accessories, also for 4-Pipe systems, that includes a control panel that is installed in the room.
The high available static pressure fan allows to reach up to 60 Pa, therefore makes the unit also suitable for installation on air ducts.
Units are available both with 3-Speed or EC Inverter fans. The units equipped with EC Inverter motor are able to modulate the air flow ensuring a perfect adaptability to the load without any temperature fluctuations, achieving superior performance compared to the traditional solutions even from energy consumption point of view.


  • FIW/AP/IV - Vertical unit with bottom inlet and vertical delivery
  • FIW/AP/IF - Vertical unit with front inlet and vertical delivery
  • FIW/AP/IO - Horizontal unit with rear inlet and horizontal delivery
  • FIW/AP/II - Horizontal unit with bottom inlet and horizontal delivery
  • FIW/AP/IV/EC - Vertical unit with EC Inverter fans, bottom inlet and vertical delivery
  • FIW/AP/IF/EC - Vertical unit with EC Inverter fans, front inlet and vertical delivery
  • FIW/AP/IO/EC - Horizontal unit with EC Inverter fans, rear inlet and horizontal delivery
  • FIW/AP/II/EC - Horizontal unit with EC Inverter fans, bottom inlet and horizontal delivery

Power range

  • 1.4-6.7 kW
  • 0.4-1.9 Ton


  • Structure made of galvanized sheet complete with heat/sound insulation, regenerating filter and natural discharge condensation tray.
  • Radial fan type directly coupled to a 6-Speed single phase electric motor, with 3 speeds connected in the standard configuration.
  • Radial EC INVERTER fan.
  • Heat exchanger coils with copper pipes and aluminium fins with airvent on the distributors.

Loose accessories

  • C Auxiliary condensate drain pan
  • WS Hot water coil for 4-Pipe system
  • EH Supplementary electrical heater
  • S Manual damper
  • SG Manual damper with grid
  • SMF On/off motorized damper
  • SMG On/off motorized damper with grid
  • RM Wall connection for damper
  • SF Supply flange
  • DRA Wall mounted automatic electronic control panel
  • VR Wall mounted fan speed control panel
  • TA Wall mounted ambient thermostat
  • DRE Wall mounted electromechanic control panel
  • DRV Wall mounted automatic electronic control panel and base board (SRV+SPV)
  • SRV Wall mounted automatic electronic control panel
  • SPV Base board
  • IS Modbus RTU protocol, RS485 serial interface
  • MCC Multicontrol connection card
  • TMB Minimum temperature thermostat for VB and VR
  • V2 3-Way on/off valve for 2-Pipe system
  • V4 3-Way on/off valves for 4-Pipe system
  • MP Condensate drain pump
CoolingTotal cooling capacity (1)(2)kW1,351,551,962,152,723,003,313,704,395,095,996,69
Sensible cooling capacity (1)(2)kW1,051,141,491,562,082,242,502,673,273,694,645,08
Water flow (1)(2)l/h23226733736946852856963675587610301151
Pressure drops (1)(2)kPa7153117181164149
HeatingHeating capacity (2)(3)kW3,003,204,304,736,026,587,177,829,8010,8013,3314,71
Water flow (2)(3)l/h25827636940751756661667384393011461264
Pressure drops (2)(3)kPa41428513843106
Water connectionsIn / Out"G½"½"½"½"½"½"½"½"½"½"½"½"
Air flowMaxm³/h23023031031045045053053074074010601060
Air flow (EC version)Maxm³/h23023031031045045053053074074010601060
Available static pressureMaxPa606060606060606060606060
Available static pressure (EC version)MaxPa606060606060606060606060
Additional coilHeating capacity (2)(3)kW1,661,662,342,343,323,323,893,895,255,257,317,31
Water flow (2)(3)l/h143143201201285285335335451451628628
Pressure drops (2)(3)kPa44101019195510102121
Attacchi idraulici (In / Out)"G½"½"½"½"½"½"½"½"½"½"½"½"
Electrical heaterPower supplyV/Ph/Hz230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50
Absorbed powerkW1,01,01,61,62,02,02,52,53,03,04,04,0
Electrical characteristicsPower supplyV/Ph/Hz230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50
Max absorbed powerkW0,060,060,070,070,080,080,110,110,140,140,190,19
Electrical characteristics (EC version)Power supplyV/Ph/Hz230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50230/1/50
Max absorbed powerkW0,030,030,040,040,050,050,090,090,130,130,140,14
Sound pressureMax (4)dB(A)484847474747494950505454
Med (4)dB(A)454544444545454545454848
Min (4)dB(A)323234343333393938384343
Sound pressure (EC version)Max (4)dB(A)494949494949525255555656
Min (4)dB(A)313134343030353537374141
WeightsTransport weightkg141418192122242533344244
Operating weightkg121216171920222331324042




  • 1 Ambient air temperature 27 °C d.b./19 °C w.b., water temperature 7/12 °C.
  • 2 Performances also valid for EC version.
  • 3 Ambient air temperature 20 °C d.b., water temperature 70/60 °C.
  • 4 Sound pressure level measured at 1 m from the unit with reverberation time 0,5 s.
  • N.B. (1) Maximum operating pressure 1000 kPa.
  • N.B. (2) Maximum inlet water temperature 90 °C.
  • N.B. (3) Inhibited ethylene glycol can be added to the water.