DBW-M/SZ 643÷2256

DBW-M/SZ 643÷2256


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The Ducted Blower Fan Coil units of the DBW-M series are designed for installation in wide ambients as office buildings, hotels, restaurants, sport structures and shopping malls.
If connected to a system equipped with a water chiller, DBW-M generates cool or warm air silently and with instantaneous reaction. The range includes 27 models with cooling capacities from 16 to 83 TON, characterized by high static pressure (up to 1,4 inWG) to satisfy the needs of extra wide installations where external unit is far from the internal ambients or there are multiple ambients to be cooled simultaneously. Each model is available in versions with 3, 4 or 6 rows and features both horizontal and vertical air delivery.
A filter, which absorbs and retains dust in suspension, allows to keep the air quality at a suitable level and its easy removal enables continuous cleaning cycles to be carried out which are particularly important in order to guarantee suitable hygiene standards in highly frequented rooms.

The units feature 380V power supply and 60Hz frequency.


  • DBW-M/SZ - Horizontal unit rear inlet and horizontal delivery

Power range

  • 56.4-293 kW
  • 16.0-83.0 Ton


  • Structure made of galvanized steel sheet with electrostatic powder paint complete with polyethylene for thermal and acoustical purpose.
  • G3 standard cleanable filter.
  • Radial fan type, statically and dynamically balanced to reduce vibration and noise to a minimum, directly coupled to 3-phase motors by V belt and variable pulley, installed on rubber shock absorbers.
  • Heat exchanger coils with copper pipes and aluminium fins with airvent and drain pan.
  • Units from size 643 to 646 come with standard horizontal air discharge and are convertible to vertical air discharge on site; sizes from 803 to 1204 come with standard vertical air discharge and are convertible to horizontal air discharge on site.
  • Standard water connections on left side based on air flow direction. On request units can be provided with water connections on right side.