CWW/H/A 351-P÷901-P


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The liquid Chillers of the CWW/H/A 351-P÷901-P series, with A CLASS energy efficiency and HFO-R1234ze refrigerant, are designed to satisfy the needs of the service sector or industrial systems requiring high power.
The latest generation refrigerant HFO-R1234ze, with GWP<1 (Global Warming Potential), is the most environmentally sustainable refrigerant on the market, and meets the strictest international environmental regulations.
Equipped with latest generation Screw compressor and plate exchangers, these units have a series of accessories which are factory fitted or supplied separately. Designed and produced to optimize the layout of each component so as to make any necessary maintenance operations more convenient, these units have an essential and compact structure intended for indoor installation. Furthermore, accessories as the Inverter control on one compressor is also available for getting the highest efficiency at part load and a significant reduction of starting current.
Units are compliant to ErP 2021 European Regulations for comfort cooling application.


  • CWW/H/A - Cooling only
  • CWW/H/A/SSL - Super silenced cooling only

Power range

  • 86.4-189 kW
  • 25.0-54.0 Ton


  • Self-supporting galvanized steel frame protected with additional protection achieved via polyester powder painting.
  • Screw compressor with built-in oil separator, suction filter, crankcase heater, oil sight glass, thermal protection and stepless capacity steps.
  • Condenser AISI 316 stainless steel braze welded plates type with one circuit on the refrigerant side and one on the water side.
  • Evaporator AISI 316 stainless steel braze welded plates type with one circuit on the refrigerant side and one on the water side, completed with water differential pressure switch.
  • Cooling circuit shut-off valves on discharge and liquid line.
  • Electronic expansion valve.
  • Electronic high and low pressure gauges.
  • HFO-R1234ze refrigerant.
  • Electrical board includes: main switch with door safety interlock, fuses, thermal protection relays for compressors.
  • Microprocessor control and regulation system.