Multifunctional units, different solutions all in one unit. EnergyPower for Henkel.

Multifunctional units, different solutions all in one unit. EnergyPower for Henkel.

In modern buildings the request for cooling and thermal loads at the same time is more and more frequent. Multifunctional units are ideal for buildings with simultaneous need of ambient heating, cooling and domestic hot water, such as office, hotels, multi-purpose buildings, and industrial applications.

Three is the magic number. Three is also the number of Multifunctional units, EnergyPower range, installed at the Serbian branch of Henkel company.

Henkel, the company

Henkel operates worldwide with leading innovations, brands, and technologies in three industries: Adhesive Technologies, Beauty Care and Laundry & Home Care. Today, Henkel Serbia operates in three different locations: Belgrade, Inđija and Kruševac. The latter, a factory to produce household chemicals, is the location of this installation.


Energypower, the range of Multifunctional units

Multifunctional units belong to EnergyPower line. These units provide cooling, heating, and domestic hot water at the same time and with the same unit. The range includes models with both Scroll or Screw compressors with capacity up to 1130 kW. Dedicate units operating with R452B, R454B or R513A low GWP refrigerant are also available.

About Henkel installation:

  • N.3 4-pipe units
  • EnergyPower range
  • CHA/K/EP 1806 P PDC/PDH/IS/CP/NG/NS model

Special feature: Plant manager

plant manager clint

The plant manager is an electronic device developed by G.I. Industrial Holding’s R&D department.

This device can manage several units installed on the same hydronic loop in any type of application, from Comfort to Process cooling. With a special algorithm, it improves the sequence of operation of each unit (Chiller, Heat Pump, Free cooling, or 4-pipe Multifunctional unit). On 4-pipe system, it smartly manages the operation status of each unit producing independently chilled or hot water at the best efficient point.

It allows accessibility via wi-fi (thanks to a SIM card M2M type) or via LAN connection. It also allows remote monitoring, managing and distance trouble shooting for service purpose.

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