FBW-M 23÷123


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The Blow Through ceiling concealed Fan Coil units of the FBW-M series are designed for installation in domestic ambients or in service business including offices, hotels, restaurants, gyms and shops.
If connected to a system equipped with a water chiller, FBW-M generates cool air silently and with instantaneous reaction. Otherwise, durinf the winter, if combined with a heating
system with boiler or heat pump, it delivers warm air to satisfy the heating needs of
households and the service industry alike.
A filter, which absorbs and retains dust in suspension, allows to keep the air quality at a suitable level and its easy removal enables continuous cleaning cycles to be carried out which are particularly important in order to guarantee suitable hygiene standards in highly frequented rooms.


  • FBW-M - Built-in horizontal unit rear inlet and horizontal delivery
  • FBW-M/AP - Built-in horizontal unit rear inlet and horizontal delivery. With high ESP fans

Power range

  • 2,0-10,7 kW
  • 1,0-3,0 Ton


  • Structure made of galvanized sheet complete with heat/sound insulation, filter and natural discharge condensation tray.
  • Radial fan type directly coupled to a 4-speed single phase electric motor, with 3 speeds connected in the standard configuration.
  • Heat exchanger coils with copper pipes and aluminium fins with airvent on the distributors.
  • Standard water connections on left side based on air flow direction, they are easily converted to opposite side directly on-site without requiring additional parts.